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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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neighborhoods. >> and innocent people would die a lot. >> reporter: you probably shouldn't be going 25 miles an hour over the speed limit. >> she had a broken leg. a concussion. >> reporter: they plan to impose the fines without taking them to the council, but the agency is getting pushed back from council members already that would think that $1,000 might be too much, especially for low-income residence. >> they are going to have to talk about it. they have to justify it as far as i'm concerned. >> she is chair of the transportation committee. now, these plans look like they are significantly higher than fines for maryland and virginia. 20 to 29 miles per hour over the speed limit in maryland will get another $160 fine, not $1,000. live in northwest dc bruce
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leshan wusa9. >> deep penalties there, bruce. all right, here is more bad news for people that break dc's traffic laws. if you fail to pay that fine it doubles. bruce? >> and law enforcement from across the washington area had a moment of silence at the washington regional alcohol program awards today. that they wanted to pay tribute to one of their own. they honor the police officers who would take the most drunk drivers off the road. but as andrea mccarren reports that noah leota killed by a drunk driver in the line of duty is the reminder of the dangers that are in their work. >> reporter: the officer worked out of this police station in wheaton. we spoke to some of his heartbreaking colleague -- heartbroken colleague. >> reporter: even as an intern, montgomery county police knew
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that -- knew that leota was special. >> he was the cream of the crop and what you'd want from any police officer. >> a lot of the interns you tell them not to talk to the defendant, don't get caught up when people are yelling and screaming at us. don't be judgmental. be professional. >> womack is a legend in the department for his ability to spot and arrest drunk drivers. he was among those honored by the washington regional alcohol program. >> there are people that go to the court system all the time and that the judges don't know that they have five, they think that they have one. >> reporter: remarkably no national data base that links drunk driving arrests between states. the driver that hit leota had been arrested twice before. >> many people that have multiple convictions that are still driving, totally unacceptable. >> reporter: investigators say that the driver that plowed in
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to leota was smoking marijuana. now his death may bring new tougher legislation. >> if you can do what you love, you know, that is a gift in itself. >> officer leota's family donated his organs so others may live. one of them kicks off tonight and goes through january 1 called sober ride. leo that -- in wheaton wusa9. >> hooters says they were sat in the accident involving officer leotta. the spokesperson says it would
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be inappropriate to comment any further. it is a move that caught a lot of people there by surprise. scott broom is live in prince george's to tell us more about this. scott? >> i mean this was a surprise as things are going well here, the stark contrast to places like chicago and baltimore where police are undersiege here in prince george's county. police community relations have been stable and now the architect of that stability was announced today that he is moving on. >> we are not an occupied force. we are guardians in this community. >> reporter: mark mcgaw announced his retirement today, happening over the reigns of the prince george's county police department to the new interim chief. >> and it will continue. >> on his watch, crime has dropped dramatically, while
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relations with the community have improved. >> and as this police department responded to the concerns, in this african community about policing over the last few years. >> reporter: there were high- profile police misconduct and that the officer was convicted just this month for pointing a gun at the man's head. other officers found guilty after hitting the suspects. >> we've been able to not have a ferguson or a baltimore like that because we have men and women who understood that this is about serving the public. >> we'll make no mistakes, we'll know that. we will. that's where the trust comes to. to ensure that they are heldaccountable.
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ensuring that our relationship with the community grows and strengthens. >> reporter: and so that is your incoming chief. again, hank stewinski that is promising the public eye. and beginning next year in a month or so, he is going to start a civilian job. reporting live scott broom wusa9. >> scott, thank you. all in his new position. it's a new era, the board of regence voted today. >> it was named after harry curly byrd supporting separate, but equal education. and surae chinn was there to
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change the name at college park. >> the yeses have it. >> reporter: by a vote of 12-5, the board made history to rename it maryland stadium. >> in the history of the university of maryland. and this is the stadium of the people of maryland. >> i am hoping to get it signed by a few key stakeholders. to do it in a hurry. >> reporter: but it didn't happen quickly as many realized that this is a difficult situation because curly byrd was an important figure at the university of maryland. >> the problem that was made under this leadership is unmatched. i urge you to reject the recommendation. >> reporter: at the same time byrd kept black students out. representing views of his time as a segregationist. one member changed his vote at the last minute because of this thought. >> why would an african
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american want to come here and play football? if they are going to play on a field that is named after someone that is a segregationist. >> the name byrd stadium is a constant reminder that people did not want them at this university for so long. >> reporter: the university president wallace loe received e-mails and text messages all in support of the name change getting choked up talking about what it took to get here. >> and it was made in motion, it meant so much. >> i like maryland stadium, it's great. >> reporter: at university of maryland college park surae chinn wusa9. >> the compromised members voted on having some type of memorial or statue of byrd placed in the library. there is also a moratorium on changing other building names in college park. in san bernardino a search for evidence for a second day now. fbi divers are dredging a lake
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about three miles from the scene of last week's shooting massacre. that they have reason to believe that the husband and wife killers might have tossed a computer hard drive or other items if many to that lake. the fbi says that the search could take several days. it looks like the bearded gas station bandit has struck again. so take a good look. fairfax county police say that this man robbed a sunoco station on gallows road yesterday afternoon. the thinking is that he's the one who has robbed at least eight other gas stations over the past month in places ranging from connecticut avenue in dc to route 50 in falls church. he carries a gun and he always has a distinctive cap that says jim mckay maryland million day laurel park. there is a new challenger to republican donald trump's reign on top the presidential polls. the latest cbs news poll shows texas senator ted cruz now in second place. he's up 12 points from october. now has the endorsement of a
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prominent social conservative who has backed the last two iowa gop winners. cruz told donors at the closed door fundraiser that trump and ben carson will eventually phase. >> i believe that gravity will bring both of those campaigns down. people are looking for who is prepared to be a commander in chief and who understands the threats. who am i comfortable of them having finger on the button. >> donald trump has seen them rise in the polls before dropping even after making controversial statements like this week's call for the ban on all muslims. while they tell cbs news they disagree with his proposal that the majority of republicans are for it. there are be no government shutdown. good news for all the federal workers here. at least not yet. but that i would spare before their deadline and the house has passed a short-term spending bill to keep the government open through next wednesday. the measure has already passed the senate and president obama will sign it.
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the move gives lawmakers and the white house more time to complete their negotiations on the 1-- $1.1 trillion spending bill. it could be a record breaker this weekend. i mean the temperatures are expected to be. >> looking forward to it outdoors. chief meteorologyumist topper shutt with more on the spring- like temperatures headed this way. >> yeah, we are stealing one or early may or more like mid- october depending on what you want to look at it. the record high is on saturday and sunday and both at national. we will be 71 degrees. now we are forecasting 68 tomorrow. but that we're forecasting 72 on sunday. we think that some records are likely as we would go through the afternoon on sunday. look at the temperatures right now. this is crazy about 48, 49. we are still 62 downtown. 55 in gaithersburg. 54 in bowie and manassas and 60 in fairfax. that is ridiculous. how about the high temperatures for tomorrow? we are forecasting 68.
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70 in cumberland and charlottesville and as far north as philadelphia. we will come back and talk about the prospect of more fog developing as we are tracking a cold front next week. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. coming up, victims of the former police officer convicted of being a serial rapist speaks out about the verdict. a northern virginia man is under arrest tonight charged of murdering his own mother. next closing arguments are said to begin in the case of the first officer to go on trial in the death of freddie trial in the death of freddie gray. ♪
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among the defense team's final witnesses is porter's mother that called her son a peacemaker that they called him honest, an outstanding member of the community. porter is one of six officers that were charged in gray's death. victims are speaking out today after the former oklahoma police officer was convicted of being the serial rapist. >> that's right they found the officer guilty of assaulting women as he stopped while on duty in a poor mostly minority neighborhood. marley hall reports. >> reporter: standing in solidarity, victims and their attorneys came forward to tell their stories of abuse at the hands of the former police officer convicted of sexual assault and rape. that he was attacked while handcuffed in the hospital room. >> and surely that he was just, brought it to manipulate me.
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>> he just robbed the wrong lady that night. >> reporter: the grandmother of the first of the victims to file that police complaint. and after assaulting her during the traffic stop. >> i was in fear for my life, i kept begging him, please don't make me do this, don't make me do this, sir. >> reporter: he was 29 and sobbed in court on thursday as he was convicted of assaulting eight of the 13 plaintiffs. acquitted of 18 other counts. the attorney benjamin krum says that he chose them carefully. >> and they had a dye that targeted poor black women who were in the system. >> reporter: his younger victim was just 17. he faces up to 263 years in prison when he is sentenced next month. molly hallcbs news. >> many of the women originally did not come forward because they did not believe that authorities would believe their
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stories about an officer. protesters are back on the streets of chicago today, still reacting to the video tape shooting death of mcdonald. the group wants the mayor rob emanuel to establish an independent review board and they want an expanded justice department to include the mayor's office and cook county state's attorney office. the taliban is claiming responsibility for a car bomb attack that may have targeted the spanish embassy in cabo. one spanish police officer was wounded in the strike, which was followed by gunfire. it happened in one of the safer parts of cabo, a neighborhood filled with embassies and other diplomatic buildings. cbs news reports that two of the attackers were killed. the plane carrying syrian refugees landed in toronto late last week. they were greeted by the prime minister who posed for a selfie with them. he is pledging to resettle
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25,000 syrian refugees by the end of february. another plane carrying refugees is due to land in montreal on saturday. more than 100,000 rides in prince george's county today. tomorrow thousands of volunteers will place them on braves in arlington national cemetery. the goal to place a wreath on each of the 227,000 grave markers. the process must be complete tomorrow and all volunteers are welcome. you don't need to sign up. just show up at national arlington cemetery and give wreaths across america a helping hand. dc's most accurate weather. and they'll have great weather to come out and put those wreaths across arlington national cemetery. >> it'll be perfect. not too cold, plenty warmth, not wet. we're looking at april temperatures without the showers. that's a pretty good deal. some records will fall this weekend. let's start with the three- degree guarantee. kind of worried about this too earlier. we went for the high of 65
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today. clouds kind of came in. and they capped the temps a little bit. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00 or download the app and search for the app store. remember that anything you see on air or online that you could get on your phone. pretty good stuff. live look outside. a look at the center. 62 right now with a good point and that it is almost crazy that temperatures are downtown to hold in the upper 40s tonight or the mid-40s. looking at temperatures holding in the 50s. the average high is 48, 49. and so mild with just patchy fog again tonight. more like april this weekend and that means late april. mainly afternoon showers on monday. we would think that the morning commute would be dry holding off on issuing the yellow weather alert to take care of that over the weekend and warm on monday and warm on tuesday and wednesday. but that there are some signs that will be getting cold by next friday and also wet by next friday. and maybe a little hint of
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winter by next friday and saturday. 10:00 tonight no hint of anything, except spring. 52 in gaithersburg and manassas with a lot of chatter on some of the social network about some of the trees that are in bloom, don't worry that birds are still chirping, don't worry and that they know that it will not be cold for a. why 7:00 in the morning, we are 49 downtown, 46 in gaithersburg, partly cloudy. and 46 also in fairfax and then by 10:00 that we will be 56 now in gaithersburg and bowie and downtown and by 2:00 rook at this with those 70s. 70 in manassas and culpeper and 56 in frederick. then by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow evening about 24 hours from now that temperatures are still going to be hovering around 60 under partly cloudy skies. okay day -- planner goes like this in the upper 40s. then 59 by 11:00 and 65 degrees by 1:00 p.m. now on sunday possible record warmth 72. if you hit 72 that will be the
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record high. 69 on monday as we will keep the monday morning dry and showers in the afternoon. look at that despite the front near 70 on monday and returning on tuesday. mid-60s wednesday. then temps will take a dive on the mid-60s on thursday with showers and a cold rain on friday only in the mid-40s. all right coming up in tonight's consumer alert. our first retail sales for the all-important holiday shopping season. but up next the fees trying
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closed sunday morning for the emergency drill. they will practice two scenarios with the suspicious package on the bus. that they are expected to reopen no later than 2:00 p.m. and another blow for the daily sports fan is the industry that they would issue that order today. barring the draft king and fanduel from doing business in new york. trying to block the cease and desist order calling it illegal gambling based on chance and
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not skills. in tonight's consumer alerts. two of their oldest and biggest companies want to merge. dow chemical are coming together in an all-stock deal. if approved they would create the world's second largest chemical company worth $130 billion. then ultimately they will be split in to three separate companies. the holiday shopping season is off to a good, but not a great start. the commerce department says that retail sales rose .2% last month. shoppers spent more money at closing companies, sporting goods store and on electronics. well dad spoke and amazon listened that the online retailer has renamed their amazon mom discount program. amazon family. that is after a group of dads would petition them to change the name saying that the program should focus on all parent and caretakers no matter thr gender and amazon apparently agreed. coming up, the story of a local girl who is just one among of a handful of the people in the world battling
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both sickle cell and lupus at the same time. the potentially life-saving surgery ahead. also ahead. fan on board. more airlines say no to hover boards on planes. all over fire concerns. we're going to go live to stafford county where a man is charged of murderin it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios.
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it happened in their home early this morning. peggy fox joins us live. peggy? >> reporter: this is the home that she shared with her middle- aged son. 38-year-old christopher ellis has apparently struggled with mental illness since he was in his 20s and his mother devoted her life to taking care of him. now he is behind bars, charged with killing his mother. >> apparently it was a domestic problem. perhaps pause she would have her hands filled taking care of her troubled son. 38-year-old christopher michael ellis who is now charged with killing her. >> i walk by here all the time. i never noticed anything out of the ordinary. >> at 5:09 this morning deputies were called to the home for a man in his backyard
5:30 pm
yelling and screaming, acting strangely. when they arrived, they struggled with him, assaulting one according to the sheriff's office. inside they found the 67-year- old dead from blunt force trauma to the upper body. >> and i think of those people dying and that i think of people and i think of strangers, strangers. but i don't think of the family members. neighbors who were friendly with elizabeth ellis say that christopher, the oldest of three boys was very smart. but that he was on disability because of mental illness as his mother took care of him for years. they worked here at the regional library. she retired a few years ago. they knew her as betsy. her violent death had many on the library staff in tears
5:31 pm
today. one of the co-workers told me that she never discussed family problems. and at this home until today. reporting live in stafford county peggy fox wusa9. >> okay, peggy, thank you for that. christopher ellis charged of first-degree murder tonight. a man is being sought in connection with a hit-and-run crash this morning. the 30-year-old was behind the wheel of the car that hit a man in the parking lot of the winchester pool hall that the victim was rushed to the medical center. the two men had been in an altercation. we have new information -- new information now. police arrested a man in the stabbing death of the 20-year- old jose fuentes. and the 17-year-old was arrested today charged with
5:32 pm
first-degree murder. this all stemmed from a drug deal. >> reporter: they arrest add man that may have been planned a -- planning a mass shooting. kirk green caused some sort of disturbance at the grocery store. all with the water. and it took back the land. sky 9 was over the scene in maryland and the express lanes on the inner loop. and they say that one of the accidents have life threatening injuries. they were trying to determine exactly how this accident happened. and that they would hit the guardrail near the road.
5:33 pm
and that they are minor and what caused that drive. and that is what one dad is doing. and battling both sickle cell and lupus at the very same time. they have that story. 12-year-old briana and rana are as close as they would get maybe even closer. >> when she is sick and crying at 2:00 in the morning. that they are sitting there rubbing their hair. >> that they have a happy thing, but also the sad thing
5:34 pm
to see her. her hip and shoulder bones are beginning to deteriorate. >> she fights through the pain every day. >> the risks are significant. the worse thing is to ask that. >> but without a match, dad is as close as it would get. if she rejects the bone marrow, they will replace it with some of their own. >> this are times when i'm like oh my gosh i want this to go away. it's like oh wow i get this one chance. >> reporter: they sustain the family. and lots of laughs along the way as it -- that it is no surprise that they would excel in and outside the classroom. >> i do the morning announcement at my school.
5:35 pm
>> wait, wait, wait. am i talking to my future competition? >> yes. no surprise. >> it's not the stuff that is stopping you. the family has set up a gofundme page for her. head to our wusa9 mobile app. >> we are pulling for the family. >> absolutely. coming up in trending. harrison ford responds to the actor's role on air force one. but first the viral video dedicated to husbands whose wives are persistent about getting that perfect instagram photo next. worse than wives are daughters. trying to take a christmas picture with three daughters. no one agrees on anything. all right low temps tonight in the 40s. this is about where the high temperature should be. instead these are lows.
5:36 pm
47 downtown and gaithersburg and bowie and fairfax. we will come back and talk about the prospect tomorrow morning that will affect your plans and
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it's a brick wall. how it is ruining their lives. the video first aired on jeff hoten's mystery hour as they have gotten 2.5 million hits on youtube. >> poor guy. the trailer for the next installment of marvel's popular x-men film was released today. it's brian singer's fourth x-
5:40 pm
men movie. by the looks of the trailer it appears to be the most star- studded film yet. actor harrison ford is responding to donald trump's comments about his film, "air force one." and ford was asked about it on the australian morning show. >> and he is not like this in real life. >> how would you know? >> oh wow. did he say that? it hits the theaters, get this, one week from today. >> oh boy. speaking of the star wars. and today that they are auctioning off dozens of pieces of the memorabilia, including the stormtrooper mask, the sky walker and their original
5:41 pm
packaging. of course hundreds of action figures. and here is one guy who is ready for the new star wars movie that open next thursday. but that he will be in line outside that theater. showing that he has several chairs, auctioning them off for the cause. lucky for him that the weather should be pretty good this weekend. all right coming up, the jewelry store opening their doors to the state department and the
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hey one of the most popular dish. but hover boards could pose a danger. the gaithersburg house fire that is linked to the hover board. the fire was in the upstairs bedroom, but quickly put out. they are investigating ten reports in nine different states. some sails don't -- some airlines don't want them over fears that the batteries could
5:45 pm
catch fire. debra alfarone reports. >> they are a hot gift, but appears that they are continuing to heat up literally. they posted this video, saying that their board just caught fire. >> the battery just shot out. >> reporter: now they are finding their way on to less popular lifts. on thursday their three largest airline would ban them from flights as they were concerned about their batteries. >> and day and night to catch fire very violently. >> reporter: cell phones, tablets, laptops that would use their low wattage lithium ion batteries that fall in their regulation. but the airlines are concerned of the hover board's battery. in a statement that they pointed to the size or the power of their lithium ion batteries and they found that the strength of the batteries and their boards often exceeded government limits for what is allowed on board the aircraft.
5:46 pm
one board manufacturer swag way blames cheap knockoffs for the problem. saying that they don't compromise when it comes to using the highest quality parts. urging customers to be aware of their fake units that are being sold on the internet. and according to the founder of the safety institute that it is a hugely popular product that may eventually be recalled. >> they are considered toys, but in fact that they are not. at the end of the day you have a product that doesn't need to meet any future requirement. >> reporter: debra alfarone wusa9. >> they're not the only ones moving away from hover boards. that they say that it will stop selling the popular products due to the growing safety concerns. >> well, you probably heard their radio commercials that you may have walked by their store in northwest. the tiny jewel boxes that are celebrating their 85th anniversary this month and shortly after opening. the store started to cater to the powerful and the famous.
5:47 pm
giving the custom boxes to nearly every dignitary that visited during the eight years in the white house. >> how long does it take to put something like this together? >> for the president of the united states, very little time. [ laughter ] >> and when pennsylvania -- pennsylvania avenue called. >> we did the call. >> laurel bush was also a fan of the inauguration day of 2009. michelle obama gave bush a gift from there. an unexpected cattle round up on the interstate. >> you don't see this every day carrying over 100 cows, overturning in jackson. authorities say about 40 of them got loose as they say that the driver missed their turn, swerved, then flipped over. he's in the hospital with non- life threatening injuries. yeah. the cows, i guess they are still on the run just beautiful. >> that's a good thing that it never happens with congress. but the full-out brawl that would break out in their
5:48 pm
parliament today. that it happened during the speech by the ukraine's prime minister, defending his gut that this is not funny. i don't know why i was laughing. one of the lawmakers walked over to him with a bunch of roses and lifted him up by the waste. that's when the fists started flying. they were eventually in store. >> how do you go back in there after having all of that happen? do you say i'm sorry? a three-person crew from the international space station landed safely today. nasa astronaut of the japanese actor's nod all returned to earth. after 141 days in space. nasa astronaut scott kelly and two russians were remaining on the space station to be joined by three new crew mates next tuesday. break out the shorts, t-
5:49 pm
shirts. >> yeah, you can. i mean that this is a week that you could plan their outdoor activities that you would normally plan in april and to go down the national mall. i mean that they will be out there in the spirit with the temperatures around 70. >> like them at the same time. >> exactly that some of them are blooming with a couple of pieces as we saw them bloom and that they will be okay and a little confused. but if you heard the birds, they are confused too. 62. a live look outside at the michael and son weather cam and winds are light at the south at 7. we are looking at a very mild night by december standards anyway with mild and patchy fog once again. if you're out late after midnight. that you could run in to patchy fog with the low beams please. more like april this weekend and than december. and without the showers, which is kind of nice. mainly afternoon showers on monday we'll monitor that for the yellow weather alert day as they look fine and then warm on tuesday. quite frankly warm on wednesday and then cold by next friday and temperatures will fall back to the 40s about average. a little dose of reality by
5:50 pm
this time next week. tonight, on the future cast 56 at 10:00. 10:00 at night 56 downtown. 52 in leesburg and gaithersburg and bowie. now by morning at 7:00 we're in the 40s with a couple of sprinkles that are possible now west of cumberland across th divide, but pretty nice there. we get in to the 7:00 hour there. 47 in la plata and 46 in fairfax and 47 downtown. by 10:00 we're climbing rapidly back in to the 50s, which is just crazy in manassas and gaithersburg and 59 already in fredericksburg. by 2:00, we have 70 in manassas and culpeper and 72 in orange and 72 in fredericksburg and even to the north. 68 in leesburg. about 67 also in bowie. just a few clouds as we will call partly cloudy, around 60
5:51 pm
degrees across the board. tomorrow night not that cold. most folks will hold in the 50s for the lows, yes. day planners look like this with the upper 40s to start. by 59 by 11:00 and 65 by 1:00 p.m. the next three days, we are forecasting 72. even with the clouds and showers on monday. the next seven days. behind the front, which is just crazy. 65 on wednesday and then reality sort of creeps back in the mid-50s on thursday with showers and the mid-40s with the cold rain next friday. well siblings and parents are playing alongside and against each other. we've seen that for years.
5:52 pm
all right, let's go. let's go. brittany wheelly is a senior at oxford high school. in the meantime her father is a head coach at douglas high school. they have never played against each other. but they are about to. >> we talk a lot of trash at home. >> it started this past weekend. >> it felt so good to beat him, it'll feel good. since both whitley's have been at their schools. >> daddy, i was suppose to win today. >> reporter: they go beyond brittany and her father. two of the girls on this team,
5:53 pm
three on the other team including brittany that they would all play together on the aau team. their coach? >> brittany's father. >> we're going to let our game talk. >> the talk won't end until the final buzzer. >> if i win, he won't hear the end of it from me. if he wins, i won't hear the end of it from him. >> that's what we do and we are all going to make sure that we would go at each other during that time with a lot of love that we have for each other. >> reporter: they will need every bit of that love to get through their december 18 contest. >> i'm not in love there. he knows how to make sure she doesn't play well. he'll take the cell phone and then she'll be in a bad mood.
5:54 pm
>> they will make it out just fine. >> oh boy. i guess that she's got to if she wants to stay home. police officers get a bad rap. coming up new at 6:00. how a simple thank you card made all the difference for local officers fighting to keep us all safe. and also new at 6:00, another gop presidential hopeful is threatening to go at it alone. a new poll that shows a new challenger in the front runner. but first details of a new study linking stress in elderly people with an
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a study finds higher levels of stress really increasing their risk of developing the precursor to alzheimers. marley hall reports. >> reporter: at 85, frederick stwitzer still rides a bike to keep fit and healthy. >> the first thing i do in the morning is to exercise. >> reporter: they are taking part in the aging study. all in new york city as new research has found a link between stress in the elderly and the memory decline. >> that it just depends on who would have the highest levels of the stress and that they were about twice as likely to develop the early stage of
5:58 pm
alzheimer to increase by 30%. the past few years have been stressful for switzer, his wife's primary care giver before she passed away from dementia last year. >> i feel the sadness and the loneliness. >> reporter: they say that if they could learn how to keep with their stress that they may be able to postpone or even prevent their decline. >> and stress management technique to include their physical activity and meditation and sew georgia. >> reporter: he is actively trying to stay positive, not let stress and grief get him down. >> we are living now. >> reporter: for him that means doing the things that they enjoy such as getting back to research. cbs news, new york.
5:59 pm
they go on to develop for dementia. and the gop nomination will be getting closer with the tension among the republicans that appear to be on the rise. thanks for joining us, i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. today new numbers have two candidates who have been reluctant to attack one another. >> ben carson is lenting to leave the republican party. i certainly don't want to be a part of corruption. >> reporter: he made the threat after making those reports and that is where they will be
6:00 pm
picked, not through their primaries. that he told donors behind closed doors that he is not worried about carson or donald trump. >> i believe that they would bring both of those campaigns down. the stress that we face and who we are comfortable in having the finger on the button. >> reporter: cruz has jumpedto second ahead of carson, well behind trump. he has maintained their lead despite their call for a ban on muslims entering the country. that during the radio interview that they offered his opinion on trump's staying power with some gop voters. >> there's about 40% of the primary voters who say that they were born. >> reporter: and he says that trump's nomination would lead to the inauguration. receivinze


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